Saturday, 17 August 2013

My first naked swim

My first public naked experience was on a Thursday evening at a naturist swim. I arrived a little late and had agreed to meet the organiser. By the time I'd registered, paid and undressed, everyone else was all ready in the water.  I felt very self conscious coming out of that changing room and walking along by the pool before discreetly slipping into the water. The water was cool and I remember how wonderful it felt around the more sensitive parts of my body.

My awkwardness, as much from being in an unfamiliar venue with persons unknown as from being naked - I was body confident in those days -  quickly evaporated. With each length of the pool I could feel my comfort levels grow. I felt comfortable with my body gliding through the water. I felt pleasure and delight, it was wonderful. I began to introduce myself and start conversations. Quickly the whole experience was becoming overwhelmingly positive. 

At the end of the evening I was the last person out of the water and could barely contain my excitement to return the following week. I took the salacious states of some of the older gay male swimmers as a compliment, as I said I was body confident, and revelled in them admiring the water dripping off my naked body.

Whilst i have swam naked since, I have never felt the same thrill as I did that evening. It was so invigorating and liberating and just made me feel good. My interest in naturism definitely started at that point and made me seek out different experiences. I will talk more about that experience and discuss my views on naturism in later posts.

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