Saturday, 17 August 2013

The London Naked I

Welcome to my blog, the London Naked I.

The name of the blog is simple to explain, I am a Londoner fascinated by the nudity and nakedness of myself and of others. If my blog has an aim it is to tell my story to seek someone to voluntarily take pictures of me in the nude and to experience my nakedness and the vulnerability that goes with showing yourself intimately to others and for the moment to be captured forever. similarly, i want to reciprocate in capturing those same moments for another or others, and witness bare skin through fresh eyes and through the lens. I cannot imagine anything more intimate, erotic or giving if yourself and i hope to enjoy that experience from both sides of the camera.

Otherwise, I will talk about my naked London experiences and fantasies, and discuss a range of topics related to London life, nudity, naturism, photography and matters of the day. I hope you enjoy reading but more over, that you feel inspired to engage with me, share your adventures and to she'd your inhibitions.

Lets see where this takes us shall we? Let the adventure begin...

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